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Cute Feet

Children 12 to 19 months

At this age, children are starting to take their first steps, saying their first words, expressing their emotions on a deeper level, and figuring out their sense of individuality. Which is why we have made this program to help with:

  • Taking first steps

  • Sounding out words

  • Recognizing different colours

  • Recognizing different toys

  • Sensory play

  • Connecting names with objects 

  • And more

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Children 19 months to 3 years

At this age, children start to develop crucial cognitive functions. Things like coordination, independence, naming objects in a picture book, matching objects with their uses, developing an attention span, and more. Which is why this program is intended to provide:

  • Social, emotional, academic, and physical skills

  • Communication, comprehension, and language skills through reading discussions

  • Creative expression via arts and crafts

  • Problem solving skills 

  • And more

Cute Feet
Programs: About Us
Cute Feet

Children 3 to Kindergarten

At this age, children expand on their intellectual, social, comprehension, and communication skills. Which is why we have made this program to help with:

  • Social development

  • Reading and writing

  • Communication skills

  • Developing sense of individuality

  • Math skills

  • Science knowledge

  • And more

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Daily and Weekly Activities

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Dance Class

Dancing is great for children and an excellent way for them to exercise and feel unified. Through dance, children feel more connected with their peers and their teachers. This leads to a more inviting and fun learning environment for the children.

Music Class

Music helps with many areas of learning. Its great for developing speech and language skills, stimulating memory, promoting creative thinking, reducing stress, and more. Music is also a great way for children to connect with their emotions which helps then develop their sense of individuality.

Kids Running
Kids Drawing

French Class

We offer children the opportunity to learn French because it sets them up with an advantage for the rest of their lives. Learning French can open more doors for children in the future. Children who speak two or more languages have also shown to have better problem solving skills, improved memory, concentration, and critical thinking.


Children will learn all the necessary tools they need before heading into kindergarten. These include, but are not limited to, math, science, arts, geography, language arts, and social studies.

kids looking at fish
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